“The Answer to the Great Question…of Life, the Universe and Everything…” said Deep Thought.

“Is…” said Deep Thought, and paused.

“Forty-two,” said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

Or it’s the price of a single glass of Elijah Craig 18 at Manny and Merle in Louisville, KY. It would have been kind of the bartender to tell us this number before he poured the drink, even if it took 7.5 million years, but he was more of a Dolt Thought than a Deep Thought. I only discovered the unfortunate price of the drink after I had offered to buy a round for my brother. To be fair, we asked for a drink menu, and Dolt Thought didn’t have one. No matter. The event has become a key part in the annals of Thanksgiving 2015: that time I spent $42 on a drink for my brother. One drink.

Other than that, the annual trip to Kentucky contained the usual ongoings: too much to eat, too much sleeping, too many movies, if there can be such a thing of any of those. On a whim, I took my company’s GoPro with me. I’ve done a few videos, but I’m no GoPro pro. Rather than talk about what I ate or ponder how many hours I slept or recap the movies (Brooklyn was great. Good Dinosaur? I have no idea what to say.), here are a few video highlights from the holiday.

Thanksgiving festivities in six and a half minutes
In retrospect, the top of the fridge might not have been the best place to put the GoPro. A few minutes are a bit slanted, having nothing to do with the copious amount of wine my cousins and I were consuming.

Dad’s Porsche 914
My dad has been restoring his Porsche 914 for the last several years. This is less a look at the car and more proof that it’s actually roadworthy again. Look closely: my thumb makes a sweet cameo.

Maybe next year I’ll have figured this GoPro thing out.

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