World’s Worst

World’s Worst

It’s official.

I am the world’s worst travel blogger.

I had grand aspirations. I was going to post every night of the trip and keep you up to date with all the day’s activities.

But let’s face it.

When presented with the choice of sitting alone in the hotel room with my computer and slogging through hundreds of pictures or being out at the pubs and experiencing the sights, sounds, and tastes of Ireland, it was a pretty easy decision.

Glug. Glug. Pub it was.

Even my mom was out at the pubs. I so wish this picture was in focus.

I should also point out that I took this picture at roughly 10:30 pm. With daylight lasting almost to midnight, it was incredibly easy to stay out late and ignore my little computer sitting quietly in my bag back at the hotel.

So I’ll do my best to pull together some nice recaps of the trip, from Dublin to Dingle to Northern Ireland and back again.

I’ll keep you posted.


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